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Hot pour Asphalt crack filling


The hot tar sealant used for filling cracks in the road comes as a solid that needs to be melted down in a special heating and pouring machine. It heats it to the perfect temperature and then allows us to accurately pour the tar into every crack without excessive dripping.

hot pour

It’s very easy to pour too much, not enough or where no filler is needed. We have filled miles of cracks and because of this we can pour hot tar sealant into cracks at just the right amount and without spilling it all over your roads. Every crack receives proper sealant.


Most paving companies won’t bother to smooth over your freshly filled asphalt cracks. This is a waste of sealant and also leaves a noticeable bump in the road which is never the goal. We always smooth our sealant to ensure the best driving experience possible.

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Crack Filling

If your asphalt is cracking, it’s best to get it fixed so that you can increase the life span of the asphalt. We use a hot pour asphalt sealer that goes deep into the cracks and lays smooth on top of your pavement to avoid unnecessary bumps in the road and protect your asphalt from excessive wear. The more your asphalt separates, the harder it is to repair so get those cracks filled and potholes repaired right away to avoid a costly asphalt tear out and replacement.¬†

workers filling road cracks with tar
hot tar crack filling

Protecting Your Pavement

  • Roads & Streets
  • Highways & On/Off Ramps
  • Parking Lots
  • Driveways
  • Access Roads
  • Airstrips
  • Racetracks
  • Walkways
  • Basketball & Tennis Courts
  • Roundabouts
  • Golf Cart Paths
  • Community Areas

Our Recent Crack Filling Work

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overhead view of road cracks filled
workers filling road cracks with tar
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