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Pothole Filling And Repairs


Depending on the size and depth of the pothole, some excavation and asphalt removal may be needed. Whether it needs a chunk cut out or just a spray of hot tar sealant, our crews are experienced enough to get the job done right the first time, every time.


Filling and repairing potholes needs to be done by professionals if you don’t want it to turn into another pothole in a few months. We handle every pothole repair with absolute care from prep to complete using our many years of experience for our repair decisions.


A noticeable pothole is not a repaired pothole in our book. We smooth over the repaired pothole many times so that when you drive over it you won’t be able to tell a pothole was ever there in the first place. If you want your roads to be smooth again, give us a call.

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Pothole Repairs

The Paving Contractor has filled thousands of potholes through the years, all over the country. We do a lot of work for cities in repairing their streets back to smooth roads that won’t pop your tires. From small holes to massive car killers, we can repair them all. We offer speedy service so that your roads can get back to full health in no time at all.

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Smooth Pavement

  • Roads & Streets
  • Highways & On/Off Ramps
  • Parking Lots
  • Driveways
  • Access Roads
  • Airstrips
  • Racetracks
  • Walkways
  • Basketball & Tennis Courts
  • Roundabouts
  • Utility Repairs
  • Intersections
  • Neighborhoods

Our Recent Pothole Repair Work

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laying hot tar pavement
excavating asphalt for utility repair
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smoothing edges of asphalt meeting concrete
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