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Offering municipal paving services for city streets, roundabouts, highways, utility repair and more.

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Municipal Paving

Municipal work is the majority of our profile as we specialize in laying perfectly smooth asphalt and taking care of any other paving needs. From sealcaoting to pothole repairs and full highway paving, we have your city’s paving needs covered from start to finish. We also offer line striping services to polish off our fresh tar. Competitive pricing comes standard with us, especially when it means the taxpayer dollars are paying.

asphalt paving a highway
laying asphalt onto neighborhood streets

Paving The Streets

  • City Streets
  • Roundabouts
  • Highways
  • On & Off Ramps
  • Utility Repairs
  • Sidewalks
  • Govt. Properties
  • Access Roads

Our Recent Municipal Paving Work

sealcoating city street
removing top layer of paving
workers repairing road
paver machine laying tar down on roads
asphalt paving installation county road
removing excess tar from edges of road
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Or send us a message using the form

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